Friday, August 01, 2008

Bunch of Tulips Award

A pleasant surprise awaits me when I visited Rachel at Heart of Rachel. She has received a few bloggie awards and is so sweet to pass one of them, the Bunch of Tulips Award award to me. Bless you, Rachel! I'm passing it on to Melody (I know you love tulips!), Julia, Wendy, Jen (NZ), and Barbara H.. I hope you'll like it.


Many weeks back in church, Aunty Poh Lin whom I met in May 2007 passed me a note through her domestic helper while the worship service was on. I was touched by the short note she wrote. I know it is very hard and energy-consuming for her to use her hands and fingers due to her infirmity, so I'm touched by her simple gesture. This is what her note said (I am not able to make out some words so it's going to look a little disconnected):

A miracle! Hi Alice, [...] article on me in FGA Rejoice mag an old friend found me by reading it. Haven't seen her since 1976! Poh Lin

I'm blessed by Aunty PL in the sense that I know how the article (page 1, page 2) had helped her connect with people who mean a lot to her. Aunty PL, thank you for taking this huge effort to let me know. You're such a blessing to all of us!