Friday, August 08, 2008

After-work 'exercise'

Right after work yesterday evening, PS, Irene and I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid. It was random, actually. It went something like Irene suggested going shopping and so it was decided. Since we were still quite full from lunch, we decided to shop first, have dinner after that.

Famished after window-shopping for quite a bit, we ended up in Sushi Zanmai. The gals have a thing for Japanese food. I'm quite neutral. I didn't bring my point-and-shoot camera (actually I did but realised the memory card and batteries were taken out). I took the photos below using PS's mobile phone and made some slight edits to them. Can't remember the exact names of the food but here are the pictures anyway. *GRIN*

@ Sushi Zanmai
Salmon Salad
Some sushi and I can't remember its name - it's pretty good
This one has got rice underneath all the goodies
Chawanmushi with fish roe

The food was not fantastic but quite OK. After this, we went to L'Occitane and BodyShop to hunt for Irene's aromatheraphy oil. I bought some goodies from L'Occitane and renewed my membership as well. We all bought something at BodyShop (pooled our purchases together and obtained a 25% discount on all the items). We also didn't ask for a shopping bag to support BodyShop in their effort to help the environment and they'll donate the cost of the bag to charity. Aren't we good girls? LOL.