Monday, August 25, 2008

3-month NS stint coming to an end

My brother Michael has been away for close to three months as he has been selected to attend the National Service training program. Time flies and now it's almost time for him to come home. We're thrilled!

A piece of happy news arrived in the post last Saturday. It's a postcard from the National Service Training Department.
It says: "Dear Sir/Madam, the National Service Training Department congratulates you on your child's successful completion of the National Service on 6 September 2008." It goes on to explain the logistics for return arrangement.

My brother is finally coming home on 6 September! Can't wait to see you again, Michael!

To catch a glimpse of what it's like at the camp, do check out this article, Let them serve written by T. Selva. There were no shortage of horror stories such as trainees getting sick, allegedly molested or abused, involved in fights at camps, or worst, died due to various reasons. I'm glad that so far my brother is well treated and he was able to endure the training. I might interview him for a story when he gets back. Keep a lookout for it!