Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reading Dilemma

Oh-kay... if only I can read faster. Why? Because I have a few books - to be exact - three books that I'd like to read but most definitely can't do so concurrently, as much as I'd love to. They are:

What Jesus Demands from the World
Author: John Piper
ISBN: 978-1-58134-845-3
400 pages

I was assigned this book by my church magazine Rejoice to do a book review. I have started on it and it's rather daunting. The aim of this book, according to the author, is God-glorifying obedience to Jesus to observe his commandments. I do need to finish reading it as soon as possible so that I can work on the review.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Author: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
ISBN: 978-1-846-05278-1
290 pages

On the other hand, I'd also like to read this... (I borrowed it from my sister, Rose)

Our Iceberg is Melting
Author: John Kotter
ISBN: 978-0-230-01420-6
147 pages

...and this one. How?

My colleague, Lucy lend this to me. I browsed through it and it looks like an easy read. Maybe I'd start on this one first. It is my intention to read more non-fictions anyway.

And... not forgetting the balance of the Indy books that I want to finish!!

What do YOU do when you have such a dilemma?

P/S: Some of my colleagues told me that they, too, have been bitten by the reading bug after visiting my blog. I'm so happy to know that I've 'infected' them. *GRIN* Reading is good!