Saturday, July 19, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Interior World

THE HIDDEN LAND BELOW. A strange mystery connects the whispering moai statues of Easter Island to the eerie ghost ship of Chiloe Island, leading Indiana Jones on a dangerous quest into a hidden interior world. Earlier Indy accidentally caused and imbalance between the two worlds when he disposed of a fabled but dangerous relic. Now, the leader of an unstoppable army uses this artifact to enter our world and form a deadly alliance with an even darker force...

For centuries man has told tales of hollow earth, or an underworld, populated by a mysterious race and strange characters. Sometimes describing an underworld of death, sometimes another dimension, these stories tell of mermaid, ghost ships... and a cosmic balance that must be restored lest the powers within march to conquer the outside world -- only Indiana Jones holds the key! - Synopsis found in the back cover

Page 44: Who said life ever came with guarantees.

Indy goes paranormal in this instalment for The Interior World by Rob MacGregor. This book has a connection with the previous one, The Unicorn's Legacy so you would better appreciate The Interior World if you have read the previous one. I have mixed feelings with what MacGregor did here for the story. On one hand I like how this adventure differs from the usual Indy fare and still action-packed. On the other hand, I have this uncomfortable feeling with the way it progresses - it seems a little over the top. MacGregor doesn't do fantasy or paranormal too well...

From Easter Island, Indy follows Marcus Brody (an Englishman who is an old family friend and substitute father for Indy) to Chiloe Island. Brody has received a mysterious telegram from his old friend, Hans Beitelheimers. Upon reaching Chiloe, they discovered that Beitelheimers had been missing for more than two years. And as described by the synopsis above, they come to know about the eerie ghost ship Caleuche where subsequently Indy is being thrown into a dangerous mission involving another world. There he meets Salandra, a shapeshifter and princess of that world. Together they are to retrieve a relic from baddie Maleiwa (a Wayua leader) which is crucial to save both worlds from a terrible end. Indy is forced into the mission but he does not have a choice because if he does not help the underworld folks, his death in his own world is assured.

I'm embarking onto the next story, Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates which is written by Martin Caidin. He is one of the outstanding author in the field of aeronautics and aviation authorities in the world. Of his more than 40 novels, Cyborg became his best known work when it was developed into the "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Bionic Woman" television series.

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