Monday, July 28, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge

AWASH IN EVIL. London, 1927. Since losing his beloved in the Amazon a year ago, Indiana Jones has settled down with his Ph.D. and taught Celtic archaeology, thinking he has left adventure behind. Yet Indy is rather tempted when a wild-eyed Russian doctor, Vladimir Zobolotsky, tries to recruit him for an expedition to search for Noah’s Ark . . . and he finally takes up the dangerous quest after meeting Vladimir’s alluring daughter, Katrina.

They have set out for Istanbul and then Mount Ararat, the fabled location of Noah’s Ark, when trouble erupts. Kremlin agents, Sicilian “enforcers,” and Turkish bandits all attempt to bar Vladimir, Katrina, and Indiana Jones from the archaeological find of the century . . . and from a certain 950-year-old boatbuilder.
- Synopsis found in the back cover

Page 99: For every second that he remained in her presence, the strength of her magnetism doubled, then tripled as though she were a mathematical law unto herself and he was nothing but a number she shuffled around in an equation.

I got mixed up with the sequence - I should've read The Seven Veils first and then this one, but I guess I got confused. Anyway, this is by far THE best Indy book I've read out of the six (there are twelve in the series excluding the four made into movies). Rob MacGregor did a great job in The Genesis Deluge (293 pages). I can't put this down as I started reading this morning and had to finish it by tonight. It's a fun, exciting and fast read. I will not repeat the plot - you can read it from the synopsis above. What was not mentioned though is that Indy loses his job in London, goes back to Chicago and so with nothing to lose, embarked on the expedition when the opportunity strikes.

On a separate note, I heard that Max McCoy does an even better job in the upcoming titles. It is said he wrote the best Indy stories in the entire series. I can't wait to get started once I finished the last book written by MacGregor i.e. The Genesis Deluge.

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