Sunday, July 06, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants

DANCE OF DEATH! Indiana Jones has landed his first teaching post, in the archaeology department at London University. His brightest—and prettiest—student is a twenty-year-old Scottish girl, Deirdre Campbell, who claims she’s uncovered a golden scroll, proof of the true existence of Merlin, sorcerer of myth and legend. Indy’s intrigued by the thesis... and by Deirdre. So, too, is member of Parliament Adrian Powell. He’s seeking to resurrect the ancient order of the Druids, whose secrets of power could pave his way to world conquest. But first he needs the scroll... and he’s willing to kill to get it.

Where there’s magic, mystery, and murder, Indy goes to the head of the class. Dropping his books and picking up his bullwhip, he joins Deirdre on an action-packed chase across Britain, from the peril-filled caves of Scotland to the savage dance of the giants at Stonehenge—where Merlin’s secret will finally be revealed. But not before Indy gets a lesson in love from Deirdre... and a lesson in hate from a maniac who means to rule the world. - Synopsis found in the back cover

First sentence: Everywhere he looked, he saw figures draped in billowy black robes, their heads covered with cowls.

Dance of the Giants by Rob MacGregor is the second book in the adventures of Indiana Jones, linked to the first adventure in Delphi, Greece. While the first book shows that Indy is still a graduate student, this one has Indy working as an archaelogy professor (yep, he switched from linguistic to archaelogy) at an English University. It is also his first teaching stint. In his class, there is a bright student who seems like she does not need to be there because she knows much more about British history than he does. At first she appears to be showing off by her constant questioning and over participation, but the fact is she is in awe of him. Deirdre Campbell (that's her name) is the daughter of Dr Joanna Campbell, the head of the department and his boss. No wonder Indy is nervous and suspicious of her presence.

With Deirdre as her assistant, Joanna invites Indy to come along with them on a dig in a Scottish cave. This assignment is related to the paper Deirdre submitted to prove that Merlin is not a myth, which intrigues Indy. Already attracted to each other, Indy and Deirdre confesses their feelings and a romantic relationship develops. Indy's street smart, good friend Jack Shannon, again, makes his appearance in this story. He is instrumental in rescuing Indy many times.

MacGregor puts in quite a bit of research into the story. It's interesting and also a bit of drag at the same time. The second book is better than the first but I still felt rather 'empty' upon completing it. It gets exciting towards the end and overall, it makes a fun read.

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