Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Get-Together: Eat, Movie, Shop, Eat

Michael's back for a short break from his National Service camp and we are all very excited! So today we went out to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth and makan-makan. We also shopped for his mobile phone and stocked up on goodies for his return to the camp.

Lunch @ Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant: We ordered mostly set meals. I whipped out my darling lengzai (camera) and started 'working'.

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
(Address: Lot T208, 3rd Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Mom with her kiddos
Michael sampling Cat's noodles and he just kept slurping away.
See Cat's reaction in the second photo. LOL!

Cat's noodles
This is Rose
Mom says "Peace" to you
Cat is eyeing Michael's dessert
Michael's dessertThen I spotted this little girl with her teddy. I want teddy...
The sweet potato balls
The dainty teapot and teacups
The restaurant is always full
My set lunch
The other sets

After lunch, we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth at Signature's. I like it very much and I think Brendan Fraser (as Trevor Anderson), Josh Hutcherson (as Sean Anderson) and Anita Briem (as Hannah Ásgeirsson) are great. I want to go get the book written by Jules Verne.

Photo Op @ Maxis Centre: I'm not sure what happened but while waiting for the Maxis folks to do something to my mom, sister and brother's phone connections, we decided to entertain ourselves.

John going about his business
I'm a Borders die-hard fan, I tell you. LOL.
Us, we're sisters!
(He's lost quite a bit of weight at the camp)

Cat with John

Sweet Cat

Making funny faces

Sad Cat

Me, me!

Stocking up @ Jusco: Michael is returning to his NS camp tomorrow morning, so we went to Jusco to stock up for him - snacks, instant noodles, etc. The whole trolley's filled up with foodstuff and toiletries. Other shoppers were looking at our shopping cart as if we're opening a mini market. Hmm...

Dinner @ Little Penang Kafe: After an intensive session of eating, movie and shopping, it was, once again, time to eat!

I know, I know. I was still hanging on to my camera with my dear life - I even shot mirror reflection
"Everybody smell my armpit" - Cat's candid shot
All of a sudden, I have this huge urge to eat cendol
Rose had ais kacang and rojak
My nasi lemak

And the rest of our meals

Here's wishing all my friends a HAPPY WEEKEND!