Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Book Meme (Hurrah!)

Barbara H. has tagged me for a book meme she created herself. (Thanks for that, Barbara!) I love books and I love book memes.

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? Many, many years ago I borrowed a copy of Enid Blyton’s book from my primary school library. I was hooked and I read ferociously ever since. I looked forward to book exhibitions in school and saved my pocket money for books. I used to pester my parents to take me to the bookstores where I spent lots of time browsing.

What are some books you read as a child? I love detective stories and I had a whole collection of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I sold them when my family relocated. It was heartbreaking to part with my precious collection...

What is your favorite genre? Non-fiction: Business, Christian living and self-help. Fiction: Romance, thriller and fantasy.

Do you have a favorite novel? Oh, this is a tough one.

Where do you usually read? Almost everywhere – in the ladies, while having breakfast or lunch alone, while traveling in a car (as a passenger, of course). I carry a book with me everywhere I go just in case I get some free time to dive into it.

When do you usually read? Any time of the day – I really don’t have preference of when I read. This one is closely related to the above question.

Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time? I like to read only one at a time and I carry that book with me everywhere I go. Sometimes, I do read more than one but the plot is usually different so that I won’t confuse myself; for example, one could be fantasy and the other romance.

Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction? Most definitely. I can tug into fiction anywhere I go although some serious fiction demands more intense reading and quieter environment. As for nonfiction, I’ll definitely read more carefully and make markings throughout the book. I literally ‘own’ those books by jotting down thoughts on the margin, highlighting and underlining key points, dog-earing it, etc. While I read fiction straight through from front cover to the last page, I often examined nonfiction by looking at its preface, introduction, table of contents; and skimming chapters, headers and index before going all out on it.

Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library? Since I doodle on my books a lot, I buy them. Some are new books and some I bought used at My favorite bookstores are Kinokuniya, MPH, Borders and Times (for brick-and-mortar stores); and,, and Kinokuniya (for online stores).

Do you keep most of the books you buy? If not, what do you do with them? I love to collect and keep all my books. I have more than 600 in my ‘mini library’ at the moment and I think the number is growing...

If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child? I don’t have children but I do love reading children’s books and would share the inspiring Charlotte’s Web and The Little Engine That Could.

What are you reading now? Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett. It’s a thriller. I’m almost done having completed 90% of the book and hope to finish it by tonight.

Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list? Yes, I do. I maintain my list on LibraryThing and Facebook’s Visual Bookshelf.

What’s next? July 2008 is the month of exciting adventures with Indiana Jones. I’ve bought the whole series save for a few titles I’m still hunting. Please see sidebar for the titles.

What books would you like to reread? The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee Harper, The Bible, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, Lord of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, are a few of the books I would love to reread.

Who are your favorite authors? Nora Roberts, Neil Gaiman, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

I am going to tag
Melody, Julia, Cmate, Rhinoa, and Sam. I’m also happy to visit anybody else who would participate. Happy reading!

Updated @ 12.28 AM, 4 July: Thank you Flo and Josette for volunteering to play!


I did a quiz found in Melody's blog and the result is quite accurate! My reading personality is Eclectic Reader. :: Start Quiz ::

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