Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be a change-adept individual

Today I'd like to share a new phrase I learned after reading an article i.e. counterbalancing activities.

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D. said, “People who thrive on organizational change have two things in common: They take good care of themselves and they have outside interests.” In short, they have a life. I agree.

She also stated that change-adept individuals compensate for the demands and pressures of business by developing counterbalancing activities in other areas of their lives. The counterbalance may sound silly to others but as change-adept people, they know what works for them. They also have sources of emotional support and sources of stability. Because of that they have fuller, richer lives and that spills over to their professional lives. They become more effective at work and handle stress better.

I find this article to be relevant and it speaks to me. In fact, I see it work in my own life especially the part on having outside interests. Mine includes reading both for leisure and business, photography and blogging. Friends and colleagues have commented about how I manage to find time to indulge in them. I must say that these activities are indeed time consuming but are also extremely satisfying and fulfilling. After reading the article, I realized too that they are my sources of emotional support and stability (ESS). Friends, family and God all add into that important equation.

I urge you, therefore, friends, to develop your own counterbalancing activities if you don’t already have them, and to beef up your sources of ESS. Here’s to a happy and fulfilling life!

Note: The article Having Trouble Dealing with Change? Get a Life is one of the many available to the members of American Management Association (AMA). As and when I come across articles that impacted me or are relevant, I would be happy to share them with you. I hope you would enjoy them too.