Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spring Reading Thing 2008 Wrap-Up

Today marked the end of Spring Reading Thing 2008 and here's a BIG thank-you to Katrina of Callapidder Days for hosting it! Do check out her wrap-up post. And mine below:

  • I did NOT finish all the books I planned to read for the challenge. Out of the 10 books I listed, I only finished 5. Sad but true. Why? Because I got distracted along the way and read according to mood instead. I did read 39 books between March and June 2008 - the list can be found on the sidebar.

Nonfiction - COMPLETED
(no book review was done)

(click on book cover for review)

(all reading-in-progress)

(book is borrowed by a friend)

  • The challenge has definitely helped me read more. The English Patient (completed) and The Book Thief (in-progress) would probably still sit on my mounting pile of TBR if not for the challenge. I'm at page 349 of the latter and it's an extraordinary book. I hope to finish it within the next two days. (Updated on June 20 @ 11.57 PM: I've finished reading The Book Thief!)

  • Although I have not finished The Book Thief, I would say that this is my favorite book for the challenge. I still have approximately 200 more pages to savour and I'm racing through it to the end. It is an absolute page-turner; very touching. I will definitely be reading more of Markus Zusak in the near future. I have I Am The Messenger in mind. My least favourite is The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold, but that doesn't mean it's not good. I will put it on hold and return to it at a later stage when I'm ready for it.

  • I feel that my reading habits pretty much remain the same but highly dependent on my mood. I like to read across genres - be it romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, nonfiction, etc. I avoid horror like a plague.

  • I am definitely looking forward to the next reading challenge and is adamant in maintaining the 'tradition' of participating in future SRTs. I will not be participating in the Fall Challenge though but I wish all participants HAPPY READING!
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