Monday, June 23, 2008

Rakuzen and EURO Fun Park

Saturday, June 21 (Part 2 - Dinner with colleagues): Age must be catching up with me because I'm still recovering from a very hectic Saturday! As promised, here's part 2 of my lovely Saturday, spent with five lovely ladies at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Subang Jaya and later at the Bukit Jalil EURO Fun Park AND concluded with a yummy dessert at LingLing's place. All of these right after a very nice blogger's tea party at Bangsar Village II.

Dinner @ Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

My beautiful colleagues

The chefs at work

Nice cup to fill the never-ending flow of green tea

The one and only dish I managed to take picture of before the folks at the restaurant 'banned' me from clicking. What a bummer!... Sigh...

Guess who's behind the papers?

No photos, please... (such synchronised movement)

I'm sure you know who's on the left, yes? No?

And now, let's go to the EURO Fun Park @ Bukit Jalil

Our entry tickets (which reminds me that I still owe LingLing some moolah...)


I think this is called the Vortex

So many people there; at this point I bumped into Cmate.
I can't remember what this is called
My good friend, SpongeBob SquarePants

The gang checking out Minnie Mouse At this point, a young boy ran up to me excitedly and asked if I'm a reporter, speaking to me in Mandarin. I smiled and replied no. He asked if I write for the newspapers. He didn't give up when I said no again and asked if I write for the magazines. When I said no again, he asked what do I do. I said I am a blogger. His sister heard me and got excited. I took a shot of his family (not shown here) and her sister gave me her email address so that I could email it to them. I did that on the same night. The boy later announced to me eagerly, "Wo men yau chu wan cher ler" (In English: We are going to play car now) and pointed towards the cars below. (To Stephanie Tan and family: Very nice meeting you there!) More of the terror machines

Friends playing Bingo The tokens and Bingo boards
After much fun at the fun park, LingLing and her housemate invited us to go to their home for dessert. Below is our yummy fu chok yi mai tong sui.
We also had Choya, a traditional Japanese liquor (that's my spectacles in the background)
And lastly, me and my frog prince.
(Thanks for the photo, Irene-chan!)

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did too! *GRIN*