Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy People

In the article The Happiness Factor, the writer Robin Sieger states that a research has concluded happy people have these traits in common:

  • They have high self-esteem
  • They are optimistic, outgoing and agreeable
  • They have close friendships or a satisfying marriage
  • They have work and leisure that engages them
  • They have a meaningful religious faith
  • They sleep well and exercise

Life is fun (and painful) and interesting. I hope you have those traits listed above too. Here’s happiness to you, dear friends!


Here's another short kitty tale for you: I was having breakfast with colleagues this morning and while enjoying my roti canai, a young cat came to our table and settled down. It has chosen to lean against my foot and transfer me a little warmth (I also ended up with pins and needles on that foot). When I had finished my food, I played with kitty. It felt a little ticklish when it nibbled my fingers...

Note: Photo taken using my mobile phone.