Sunday, June 29, 2008

The girls are back!

Guess who's back? My two sisters! They arrived home from Sydney after their 3-month holiday in Australia, staying with my sister Vivian who works there. My mom, John and I all went to the KLIA airport to welcome them home. *GRIN*

Mom, Rose, Cat, and Yours Truly
The thorn among the roses
Rose and Cat (back)
The girl who loves to pose
Onto the travellator with style (me breathless 'chasing' them on the outside lane, haha!)We're at the parking lot now and Cat is showing off her strength (WHOA...)

We're in the car (the camho queen, Cat is back!)
See how A.S. (Rose's teddy) is stuffed air-tight in one of the luggages and finally let out to 'breathe'

Look at the books Rose bought!
And she gave Torey Hayden's Silent Boy to me... I also get two chapsticks - thanks, girls!
The koala pencil case - cute!

So happy to have you back, girls! (And I miss you so much, Vivi... *HUGS*)