Tuesday, June 17, 2008

(Disastrous) Lunch @ Wendy's Bistro

CFO LingLing and gang (that includes Yours Truly) decided to eat light today so we headed to Wendy's Bistro near our office for some sandwiches and drinks (and for chit-chats!). Our 'light meal' turned heavy duty when we ordered more than sandwiches. The restaurant has a nice ambience BUT (here comes the big 'but'), the food was really, truly horrible. From all the Google-ing I've done just a moment ago, the place seemed to have received excellent food reviews so what went wrong today? Sigh...

Despite the disastrous lunch, we maintained a cheerful spirit and still enjoyed each other's company. (Note: Irene-chan, miss you at lunch...)

The Menu Cover
The rejected capuccino
(Joanne simply couldn't stomach this sorry excuse for a cap and returned it to the kitchen)
The OK ice lemon tea that comes with our set lunch
My worst brewed coffee of the year
(Unbelievable but true. It tasted like bleach was added to it. There goes my 'coffee moment' but I still finished it.)
The Sandwich
(Made from cheap vegetables and the ham looked shrivelled. Thank goodness for the load of fries!)
The chicken chop that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth
(Another unbelievable encounter with our food. The chicken tasted un-fresh and weird. The little sands trapped inside the vege almost broke my tooth... The sauce was OK though.)Another sad dish - the pork chop
(The meat was 'dry' although it tasted OK. The mashed potato tasted sourish.)

There you go. We finally experience a bad lunch day after so many wonderful ones at all those great lunch places we went. Rarely we encounter such incident but it happened today.

Restaurant Information

Address: No. 20 Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Telephone: +603 5630 1699


On a happier note, we are blessed with bubble teas because Sock Yee treated us to the delicious drinks (we'll never be tired of it!). I chose the passion fruit milk tea flavour. It's yummy! Thank you, SY!

Missy Poodle @ CZC Bubble Tea comes out to greet us again
(I quickly dish out my camera and click away. Look at that lady pose!)

The lady (I hope she's a girl poodle and not a boy poodle) checking out my colleague (Now Pui See believes me when I said how soft the pooch's fur is when she touched it.)

She enjoys keeping us company

I crouched down and took a closer look. If you notice, she doesn't go out of the boundary of the shop. She stays within the line...

What a darling!