Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Chronicles of White Kitteh

I was waiting for my Maggi goreng lunch at my regular Kelana Jaya mamak restaurant (after church) when a little white kitty decided to come 'play'. I'm not sure if the kitten is a boy- or girl-kitty, but from the moment it jumped onto my table and gave out a small mew, my heart melted. I managed to give it a few strokes on its head and back. Very naughty and active fellow, this one. The photos were taken using mobile phone so please bear with the blurness...

"Oh what fun," Kitty said. *Chews and scratches the menu*
Menu falls onto floor. "Ooopsieee! There goes my toy..."
"What do I do now?" Kitty sits down and think for a while...
"Should I go get it?" Kitty looks down again at the fallen menu and pauses in that position to contemplate its next move.
Kitty decides otherwise and starts to make its way towards me. "Oh-kaaay... looks like I'd go play with missy over here..." (It's referring to me, by the way)

Many people would think it's rather unhygienic to have animals walking on dining tables, but I don't mind one bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm big on cleanliness and hygiene. Maybe I'd feel differently if it's a rat strutting about instead of a cat.

It's a lovely Sunday! And I wish you the same too!