Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogger's Tea Party @ Bangsar Village II

Saturday, June 21 (Part 1 - The Tea Party): It's been a long, long time since I last attended a gathering consisted of total strangers. So I finally decided to be brave and attended the Advertlets Blogger's Tea Party held at the Bangsar Village II. A big thanks to Josh Lim, the founder of Advertlets for organising it AND fellow blogger Joyce Tedoen for encouraging me to attend. Very happy to meet all of you: Josh Lim, Joyce Tedoen, Joshua Lee, Jason Goh, Simon So, Karen Marie, Esther N, Karena, and many others.

First, the food. They were sponsored by D'lish. I think we were more busy chatting and taking photos than tucking into the goodies.

And now, for the people. I have the good fortune of meeting many interesting bloggers. *GRIN*

Welcome to the Tea Party!
I like the decor on the ceilingMeet Josh Lim, the Advertlets Guy The lovely people
(Front: Jason, left and Joyce with two lovelies in the background)
Look at all the cameras sitting on the table (and of course, their owners)!
These guys have been photographed to the max
See proof (we literally took turns to shoot them)
Simon, the thorn among the roses
I aim at Josh aiming at me
The bloggers
Simon shooting the sweet cupcake coupleJosh and Joyce
Alice was here. *GRIN*
Three hyper jumpers: Karena, Josh and Jason
Here's a cute Cupcake Chronicles for you. Imagine all the cameras zooming in on you decorating your cupcake (see last pic). Terror, terror. Here, Joshua (the guy in red) couldn't resist helping the two lovelies decorating.

More photos at Facebook. Please click here.

And... I also found my photos taken by Joyce in his blog. Check out his post here. Thank you, Joyce!...

That's me, flipping a magAlice leaving her 'mark'

Updated @ 8.13 PM on June 25: I stole a pic from Simon So's blog. Can you see me? *GRIN* Thank you, Simon.

Coming up next: Part 2 - Dinner with colleagues at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant after the blogger's tea party and EURO Fun Park at Bukit Jalil.