Friday, May 16, 2008

Sea Swept

First sentence: Cameron Quinn wasn’t quite drunk.

First of all, let me say this: This is a GREAT story!

Nora Roberts takes me on an emotional roller-coaster as I laughed and cried in Sea Swept, the first book in the Chesapeake Bay Saga. How she did that is unfathomable but she’s really, really good with pulling heartstring and taking readers into the lives of the three brothers adopted by Raymond Quinn and his wife, Stella. The three brothers – not related by blood – are Cameron, Ethan and Philip, all former bad boys with distinct personalities. For this story, the focus is on Cameron. Having been raised by the Quinns, they deeply love and respect their adoptive parents. As adults, they are each leading their own lives away from home (except Ethan) until one day their father passed away in an accident and that brings them back together. Not only that, their father also asks them to take care of their most recent brother, a ten-year old boy named Seth. This boy looks like their father’s biological son and rumours are spreading putting their father’s reputation at stake.

The lives of the three guys turn upside down as they now have to put their heads together to manage the situation. Cameron is the best person to deal with Seth as he was just like him when Ray first found him – abused, abandoned and with a kick-butt attitude. Because their adoptive father died before the adoption process is completed, a social worker named Anna Spinelli of Italian descent comes into the picture to handle Seth’s case. Sparks fly between Cameron and Anna, but not without tension. Anna’s role is instrumental as she can either keep Seth and his brothers together, or tear them apart. It does not help that Cameron is now personally involved with Anna...

There are many precious moments in the story. I love it when Cameron starts to feel for Seth and how from bickering with each other, the gap is closing due to circumstances. Not to mention how forward and unpretentious Anna is towards Cameron and vice versa. I also love the part where Anna is slowly breaking through the barriers to reach the troubled Seth. And those puppy moments (a puppy named Foolish is given under Seth’s care)… These are just some of the beautiful parts of the story. To top it off, the chemistry between Cam and Anna is sizzling.

I’m totally bowled over by the first book in the series. I believe I don’t have to say much about the way Nora Roberts writes because her fans would definitely agree with me that she is the queen of romance and more. I have emotionally connected with the characters in the book and this is one story I will always remember.

Note: Julia from Julia's Books Corner highly recommended the Saga and I thank her for that. She's right - you can't go wrong with Nora Roberts. *GRIN*