Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is the second book in the Chesapeake Bay saga and here, the focus of the story is Ethan. But before that, let’s recap: The saga is about the lives of three brothers, but unrelated by blood – Cameron, Ethan and Phillip – all found and adopted by Raymond Quinn and his wife, Stella. The boys had an ugly past and when the Quinns took them in, their lives changed from hopelessness to meaning. When they grew up, they each go their own way except Ethan who stayed back. One day their father passed away in an accident and that brings them back together, but while in the hospital, their father asked them to take care of their most recent addition, a ten-year old boy named Seth. The boy looks like their father’s biological son and rumours spread that their father had been unfaithful to Stella. Since Ray died before Seth can be fully adopted into the family, his case is handled by a social worker named Anna Spinelli.

Okay, back to Rising Tides. As mentioned earlier, the good looking Ethan stays back at the Maryland shore town and makes his living as a fisherman. He is a man of few words, contented and patient. What the readers are not aware of is his terrible past, which still haunts him today. It is saddening to read the horrific things that had happened to both Ethan and Seth, committed by their natural parents.

The story would not be complete without love so Grace Monroe plays a major role in this. She is a single mother to an adorable toddler girl named Aubrey. Her useless husband left her high and dry when she was pregnant with Aubrey. Ethan has deep feelings for her but is too stubborn to admit it. Grace, too, feels the same way but would never take the direct approach until much later, thanks to Anna. The steely Grace works a few jobs to keep her family afloat and refuses help from her own family. Due to her choice of husband, her father has ignored her. Both father and daughter are too stubborn for their own good.

Nora Roberts did a great job in making readers connect with the characters in the story. The issues they faced are real and it’s amazing to see what can be achieved when all your loved ones come together as a solid unit. What it says here is nothing is impossible and love conquers all. What happens between Ethan and Grace is beautiful. Ethan’s patience has its good and bad, and Grace’s boldness a necessity. Family is a beautiful thing, and love, even more so.

This is another great work and I’m looking forward to Inner Harbour (The Chesapeake Bay Saga #3). My advice: Don’t miss it!

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