Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reunion in Death

First sentence: Murder was work.

This is the first book I read in the In Death series where Nora Roberts writes as J.D. Robb. The protagonist is a futuristic cop and her name is Eve Dallas. Eve, a New York police lieutenant, is great at her job and is known to kick some serious ass. Alongside her, Peabody works as her aide.

In this installment, elderly rich men were killed for no apparent reasons. Eve is all out solving the cases and clues lead her to a woman named Julianna Dunne she put behind bars 10 years ago. Julianna is now out and she has a hidden agenda. All these killings are to get to Eve, eventually. She wants her revenge and for that Eve will pay the ultimate price.

Like in all Nora Roberts' offerings, romance is beautifully done. I love reading the interaction between Eve and her charismatic husband, Roarke. There are parts so touching, I cried. Apart from trying to solve the case, Eve also faces her ugly past. She has had a traumatic childhood and until now, the past still gives her violent nightmares. The lieutenant is also not one who warms up to people easily and prefers to maintain her distance from others. Peabody's visiting parents add a nice touch to the story.

I think the plot is good and the story suspenseful. Julianna does gives me the jitters and she uses her initials J.D. cleverly in different crime plots (that to me, was pretty predictable, actually). It would probably make more sense to me if I had read the book in its sequence, but still, I like the story and definitely see myself reading more of the In Death series.

Note: Reunion in Death is a book I won from Julia's book giveaway. Thanks for being so generous, Julia! *Hugs*