Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot Stuff

First sentence: "So?" Laurel Kane's coworker, Angela, looked at her expectantly.

There is never a dull moment in any of Elaine Fox’s novels, at least of those I’ve already read, including Hot Stuff. This is a fun book and it has certainly made me laugh. After many failed romances, the thirty-something Laurel who is a writer for DC Scene decides that enough is enough and so gives up on falling in love. She thinks that "arranging” her own marriage would be a better idea. Her thinking is fuelled by the book her demanding editor, Rulinda insists that she reads. The book is entitled Love Is Not the Answer.

Then, there is Joe who is a very good looking and witty guy. He owns a coffee cart outside of Laurel’s office. When Laurel and her friend Angela patronises his stall in the beginning, he feels attracted to Laurel, but at that time does not think much of it. There is something about Joe – just who is this guy? Is he merely a coffee cart guy or is there more to it? One thing for sure he is a wonderful person with a great personality, and with the gift of the gap.

Laurel shares some of the excerpt of the book she’s reading to Joe to proof a point. He thinks that the book is crap. What follows is that it brings them to work together on an article for DC Scene featuring Plain Jane and Regular Joe. Following that, a series is being born because the readers love it. One of the angles they take on is speed dating, apart from arranged marriage (something that Laurel thinks she believes in).

The story is great and definitely interesting. It is also touching towards the end as I was teary-eyed when I reached the last few pages of the novel. I don’t think I want to stop reading Elaine Fox because in my humble opinion, she churns out really great stuff.

NOTE: I finished it while travelling to and from the Redang island. Those hours of travelling was spent productively enjoying the novel.