Tuesday, May 20, 2008


First sentence: All our attempts at subterfuge had been in vain.

Eclipse is a book with over 600 pages long but unlike New Moon (I found the second book a bit of a drag), this one is a page-turner right to the end. Every page in this instalment, in my humble opinion, is important to the development of the story. It is also interesting to know that the vampires and werewolves – despite finding each other repulsive – are coming together, joining force to protect one mortal girl: Bella Swan.

There is a lot of tension between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black; Bella, as always, is caught between the two. Edward is the love of her life and Jacob is her best friend (or is there more to it than just friendship?). The Cullens are doing everything they can to keep Bella from terrible danger because a psychotic she-vampire named Victoria is hunting her down for revenge. Victoria is gathering her own little army of newborns (new vampires) in her quest. If you can recall, her darling James was killed in the second book and she’s now back to avenge his death. As if that is not enough, the Volturi is also closing in on her. Bella’s ‘bad luck’ never seems to end and in that, putting all her loved ones in danger. She also feels helpless as she sees everyone working hard to protect her around the clock. Speaking of the clock, it is also ticking for Bella as graduation looms nearer for it is at this time, she will become a vampire and she wants Edward to be the one to turn her. She looks forward to it but at the same time doubts if she is ready. In the midst of all the chaos, there is much drama in the lives of these three protagonists.

There are lengthy background stories such as the legend of the werewolves and contrary to what many may think are ‘tedious’, I thought they add substance to the novel. One may be intimidated by the sheer thickness of the book (I was, in the beginning) but once you get the ball rolling (or the pages turning), there’s no stopping. Friendship, love, loyalty, team work and family are all packed nicely into a neat package. I’d say Stephenie Meyer regained my confidence when I’d lost it in New Moon. I fell in love with Edward (the vampire) all over again as I first did in Twilight.

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