Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Two - fantastic!

Fast-forward a lil' bit: Look what I've won for today at the conference (please see pic below)! After a hearty lunch at Sentidos Tapas Restaurant in Starhill, the session began with How to Improve Your Personal Branding by Simon Si, VP of Marketing, Simon provided an interesting perspective in personal branding by using marketing concepts. In a nutshell, branding is all about differentiation so use what makes you unique to stand out.

The 369-page Career Guide

Earlier, I mentioned about winning the book as pictured above. To get a copy, participants had to think about the following question: If you are a brand, what brand would you be and why?

My answer is very simple: If I were a brand, I'd be MICROSOFT. Why? Because I am innovative and I constantly strive to improve my skills by looking at the trends pertaining to my profession as an administrative professional. I place a high importance in finding a need and fulfilling that need. (Like Microsoft) I am forward-looking and embrace change for the better. My mission is to make your life better and in doing so, makes my life better too by strengthening my earning power.

What do you think of the above? *GRIN* I was crafting the answer as Simon went along his presentation and before he ended it, he asked if anyone would like to try answering it. With lightning speed, I raised my hand and... the book became mine.


Since I did not bring my camera along with me today, I'd have to rely on my memory to store all the lovely events that happened today. The speakers for today were all dynamic people and they exuded energy. Here's the action-packed list:

  • Meeting and Exceeding Expectations in a Changing Environment by Mr S Venkateswaran (Corporate Advisor, R-Four Corporation); also the chairperson for today's conference
  • Supporting Your Boss and Being Your Boss' Ambassador by Puan Sri TD Ampikaipakan (Managing Director, Skill Builders)
  • Business Etiquette and Protocol for Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries by Cik Nor Bahiyah Lasim (Founder & Director, Polished Etiquette Image Consultant)
  • Celebrate You: Being Joyful at Work by Ms Angeline Yong (Country Manager, Everest Innovation Sdn Bhd)
  • Essential Management Skills for Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants by Encik Ghazali Md Noor (Principal Consultant, OSR Consulting)
  • Effective Writing Skills for Secretaries by Puan Zaharah Abdul Jalal (Managing Director, MDEA Consultant)
  • Discover Your Future Potential By Taking Charge of Your Future by Encik Mohd Rizal Hassan (Learning Facilitator & NLP Coach, Take Charge)

I wished the conference would last longer because the topics were all very interesting and the 40 minutes allocated for each one was frankly, insufficient. But having said that, the speakers had all been very engaging. The saddest part was saying goodbye... In conclusion, this was one great conference!