Saturday, April 26, 2008

Playtime at the Kelana Jaya Park

I had so much fun walking up and down, sweating it out while shooting here and there in the Kelana Jaya Park. There were lots of people and I enjoyed chatting with some of them. I met with a group of students and one of them was a performing arts student. He got interested with my camera and asked me about it. We chatted for a while. It's amazing to see how friendly these people are. I also met with a wedding photographer who was shooting a Malay couple.

Here are some of the photos I took while testing my new camera. I'm still trying to get a hang of it. Enjoy!

It was a breezy and sunny evening
Lots of people were fishing. This abang was very good at it. He threw in the bait and in just a few short minutes, a fish was caught. Very sporting of him too for letting me take his pic. Fishing rods on standby?
A wedding couple being photographed. I bumped into the photographer earlier. We smiled and acknowledged each other before he took over the same spot for his shoot.
In the park with Po Po. The little boy in red caught me from afar (I zoomed in on them). I wonder if he wondered what this che che (sister) i.e. me was doing...
The Commonwealth Games Gate
Lovely frangipanies (I hope I get the name of the flowers right)
Beautiful hibiscus
The sun's setting and gave the lake a golden hue
"I'm netted!"
Beautiful blue skies (I love looking at tree branches)
Water canvas (reflection of clouds on the lake)

More photos here at Facebook (there's no need to log on). Have a lovely weekend!

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