Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, Happy Day...

Administrative Professionals Day is just around the corner and admin pros around the world will celebrate it on April 23, next Wednesday. In relation to The Day, I am happy to receive a gift from Celina, a colleague who works in a subsidiary company. She's a highly efficient and helpful person -- you can count on her any time. And... she was so sweet to give the secretaries including Yours Truly an interesting item. Check this out:

Very cute gift wrap that says "Oh Happy Day" (a happy one indeed!) and tah-dah! ~ The Gift ~

Here's a closer look at the item. It's a pen holder in one of my favourite colours, black! It's versatile too as it doubles up as a calendar and you can adjust the date, month... Super cool.

Thanks very much, Celina! That's so thoughtful of you. *HUGS*