Sunday, April 06, 2008

Life Unlimited

Life Unlimited by John Bolin is one book that's left me charged and raring to go do something with my life. It's got nothing to do with being hasty or hyped up. In my humble opinion, this book presents sound biblical principles and not only Christians will find them useful, I am convinced that the non-Christians will too.

The 220-page book is divided into 5 parts: the shape of your story; the characters; the journey; the conflict; and the resolution. At the end of each chapter, the author summarises the main point for takeaway. He encourages readers to go through the book with another person whom he called a 'sage', a person who've taught and inspired us to live beyond ourselves. These people can be our parents, friends, teachers and coaches.

The book is based upon the principle in Luke 2:52 and the author names it the 252 Matrix. It says: And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (NIV) Here, the author expanded on the four basic, distinct areas that make up the total picture of any person. Quoting directly from the book:

Wisdom makes us think of the mind, and of our strategy for living that we plan for and live out as we make choices. Stature recalls physical growth, our strength and health and energy. Growing in favor with God brings to mind our spirituality, and growing in favor with men encompasses all our human relationships.

A very important point which I commit to heart is this: Life without Him (God) is absolutely meaningless. We must recognise this and get our hearts aligned with His so that we can accomplish things of genuine significance. Unless we grow in relationship with God, our personal aspirations and attempts at a meaningful life is meaningless. Even though we may accomplish many of our self-imposed goals, we still feel empty at the end.

Christians are not boring people, that's for sure. Quoting Bolin, the last thing God wants is for us to be sluggish, low on energy, devoid of spunk and spark.

Interestingly, the author uses stories from movies such as The Lord of the Rings, The Truman Show, Matrix, etc to make his point.

This book offers great perspective to achieving a life unlimited. It is very easy to read and reflected upon. I highly recommend it to all my friends.