Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jeffrey Gitomer's Trash Talk Trash Can

I found a really interesting and stylish trash can (one that talks back to you!) over at Jeffrey Gitomer's website. It has quotes on the subject of trash from 19 of the world's great philosophers, authors, thinkers, actors, athletes, industry moguls, politicians, comedians, and cartoon characters.

Now, if only it is sold in Malaysia... It costs USD20 but I don't think it's practical to ship a trash can all the way from the US to where I live. Hmmm... Tempting thought...

Just for the fun of it, I placed one into the shopping cart to see how much it'll cost to get that funky item delivered to this part of the world. It turns out that the shipping cost is a whopping US$27.75 -- more than the trash can itself! Have you ever bought a rubbish bin for US$47.75 (MYR155)?