Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work and Play at Genting Highlands

Here are some shots I took during my work trip up at Genting Highlands. Besides other work to be done, I was also the 'official photographer' during the event. What fun!

A beautiful night by the poolside and I love the lightings
(quite tricky without a tripod)
Can't resist taking a shot of these sweet goodies
(I only took a few shots of the desserts)

More desserts
These guys worked all night barbequeing stuff for us - smokin'!
But during the day, while photographing folks hard at work for a team building exercise, I took a few quick shots of the following...

You can select your own fruits and juice 'em

A lone koi in the pond
(It must be getting all the food - look at its size!)
Bright-red flowers wet with raindrops
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