Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Out of sheer craziness, my colleague Yee Cheng and I decided to go to KLCC today after work. She has been bitten (once again) by the book bug (according to her, it's my doing) and wanted to go to Kinokuniya. Well actually, she called me and asked if I'd like to go with her. Of course I would! I can never, never resist that magic word - Kinokuniya. So off we went in her car and chatted all the way to and back.

We had our dinner at HOCA (oh... my favourite former breakfast place!). This is what we had:

YC's dinner
(I had a bite of the sausage and it's YUMMY!)
My salad
(I'm determined to eat healthy although I did 'steal' a bite of her sausage) The hasil of our sudden craziness
(YC bought three books and I bought the photography one)

It's a wonderful get-together! Later that night, I also met up with my friend (and funds manager) and we had a good discussion on what I should be doing with my money. I came home with the hope of a better future and hopefully (no, DEFINITELY) with more money in many years to come. Investment aside, I must say Ray makes a great friend. Thanks for the Starbucks latte, sir!