Saturday, April 05, 2008

An afternoon at KLCC

I will be going to Genting Highlands next week to help in a company event. As usual, there are stuff to buy and I'm assigned to buy some prizes for the team building activities. So off I went to KLCC and started the hunt.

I also spent some time in Kinokuniya -- my favourite bookstore -- and no prize for guessing, I bought two books.

The books I bought (Total damage: RM150.94)

I have decided to participate in Katrina's Spring Reading Thing 2008 and the two books mentioned above will be part of the list. Will post the complete list in a separate entry. *GRIN*

NOTE: Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and Rich was recommended by Scott Lunammachak, a friend residing in Sydney (his name will be a familiar one if you're also my friend on FaceBook). He pigued my interest big time when he first mentioned it some months back. Thanks for the recommendation, Scott!

*** is offering great discounts at the moment (34% for books costing US$25 and above). I did a calculation using the red book I just bought, and if I placed my order at Amazon instead of buying from Kinokuniya, I would've saved MYR18 (or US$6). The savings included shipping cost. Only thing is that I will only receive the book 2 to 3 weeks later, but that's all right by me. Anyway, since I've bought it at Kino, I will start enjoying it straight away...

I did, however, buy 5 books on the subject of photography from Amazon and these books are not available locally. Two of them are sold at Kino but they cost more than if I were to purchase them from Amazon. I chose the latter.

Have a great weekend, friends!