Friday, March 21, 2008

Integrity vs. Duplicity

I'm currently reading Pathway to Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton (Women's Bible Study Director, Saddleback Church) and at the chapter on Walk with Integrity, it really caught my attention where the author examines integrity vs. duplicity.


Integrity can be defined as oneness between our minds and actions, or unity of our thoughts and deeds. A woman of integrity thinks what she thinks, feels what she says she feels, and does what she says she will do. She keeps the promises she makes. Her motives are pure. She is honest, upright, and genuine. She is real in her relationships.

Charles Swindoll in his book Rise and Shine: A Wake-Up Call further said that when one has integrity there is an absence of hypocrisy. He or she is personally reliable, financially accountable, and privately clean ... innocent of impure motives.

I'm certainly not anywhere near what is described above though I try my very best not to be a hypocrite and to emulate what a woman of integrity is like. With my own strength it will be difficult but working along with God, all things are possible. Friends and family play a crucial role too.


Duplicity, in contrast, is deliberate deceptiveness. Double-dealing and two-faced, it is the enemy of integrity. A woman of duplicity has the ability, like a seasoned poker player, to convey messages through her her words or actions that are opposite of her inner thoughts or planned actions. What is actually in her heart or on her mind would surprise you.

I certainly do not want to fall into this category. The line is so thin that sometimes I am guilty of this. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the motives behind the routine actions taken such as giving of gifts, making a prayer request, going to social gathering, offering to help someone, supporting a cause, giving a speech, volunteering, making a large purchase, etc. Some of our secret motives could be to seek revenge, stir up trouble, embarrass someone, or show off.

I will now continue to read the rest of the chapter...