Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friends and Foodies

Hello everybody,

It's been a while since I did anything for my Tuesday-10. Ever since working in my new company more than six months ago, I have been blessed with many great colleagues and friends.

I would like to dedicate this makan-makan post to the lovely gals (Joanne, Irene, Pui See, LingLing, Sock Yee, and Eunis) who always make me laugh and believe you me, these people know where to find the best food! So here you go, pictures of claypot chicken rice after-work get-together.

The yummylicious claypot chicken rice
Chicken legs and pig innards soup with lots of pepper
(I don't fancy it though I must say it tasted pretty good when I took a sip or two)
Fried sambal kangkong
We adjourned to Joanne's place after dinner. Try imagine us posing in front of the plants because we did!
Joanne is really great with plants because all her handiworks are so pretty and healthy looking! See proof below:
Our host was well prepared. She even served beer in chilled mugs. How cool's that?!
(Photo taken by Amanda, Joanne's lovely daughter)
Nuts, yummy nuts... we chewed away while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Theodore was soooo adorable!...
Juicy grapes. Cold and nice!

The golden beauties. Joanne said they're fed with special feeds for gold fishes. That explains it...