Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Step on it, Cupid

You can hurry love... or can you?

First sentence: Oh, come on now.

I was pleasantly surprised by Step on it, Cupid. Lorelei Mathias got me hooked from page one right to the end. Very suitable for light reading; funny and cheerful; a little Bridget Jones-ish.

Amelie Holden has a job she loves and a carefree love life, depending on how you look at it. She does not believe in marriage seeing her own family history, but is moved deeply by her best friend's wedding (at a later part of the story). That kind of changes her perspective a little bit. Same goes with her partner-at-work whom she has been working together for the past six years. Duncan is shy and does not have much luck in the love department.

Things shake up a little bit when a hunky new creative director, Joshua joins her firm and becomes her boss at LGMK. She does not like the Aussie bloke very much, doubting if his creative works amount to anything because she has not seen him 'doing' anything. LGMK is pitching for an account and the potential client is a speed dating firm! No prize for guessing, she's been assigned to this nightmarish project and so forced into doing market research at Fast Love.

As if things are not already at their worst, Jack her ex-boyfriend shows up and wants to reconcile after breaking her heart into a thousand pieces three years ago. And then, there is this 'side dish' in the form of a struggling actor named Charlie whom she met during one of the sessions at Fast Love. What is Amelie to do with all these men in her life?

I absolutely love the ending. It's romantic. Very British. It's fun reading Amelie's jottings in her journal. It may even be slightly predictable but I love the story nonetheless.