Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sitting at Starbucks and writing this...

Morning: I was on leave today to fix up my EPF (Employees Provident Fund) withdrawal for housing. To my pleasant surprise the whole process took less than 5 minutes for the officer to check my documents and here's the best part: It was approved on the spot! Gone were the days where one has to wait for weeks before one hears anything from any government agencies. All in all, it took me only less than 10 minutes for the entire duration at the EPF main office in Kuala Lumpur. Initially I had wanted to mail the application but thought the better of it. The officer was friendly and I was even commended for submitting complete documentation thus enabling immediate aproval. Thank God for that!

Still morning: Having done the EPF business without any glitch, I took the train back to KLCC. I felt so at home when my legs touched the platform of the station upon arrival. I haven't been to KLCC for the last few months ever since I accepted the new job offer.

My first stop in KLCC was HOCA. I love this place. When I was still working in KLCC, HOCA was my regular breakfast place. I would park myself there every day for the last five years from Monday to Friday, whip out a book and spend at least 30 to 45 minutes reading and enjoying my (10% discount) coffee. Believe you me, I still get my 10% discount today, thanks to my favourite barrista, Kak Yati! I'm a happy girl. There are some changes there, I noticed. The tables, used to be round, are now square in shape. The crew members wear a different uniform. Even the serviettes are classier now. Only Kak Yati is constant.

No prize for guessing the next stop... KINOKUNIYA! You have no idea how happy I was when I stepped into Kino. I knew I'd not be able to withstand the temptation to buy books. True enough, I browsed for the next two hours and bought... 10 books!! I shall post the titles when I get home. There goes my campaign on not buying books until I finish at least 50 TBRs. SIGH... Even Kino has some changes in the form of its paperbags. They are now of a shorter version, about half the height of the old ones. The cashiers informed that the change took effect last two months.

Noon: I went to the Level 4 foodcourt and ordered my favourite Chinese fried rice. The kakak still recognised me! She even greeted me with Gong Xi Fa Chai. I tell you, I really feel at home in KLCC. Hehe...

I had a lunch date with my ex-colleague but because of a farewell lunch for her colleague, I only met up with her after that. We had a good chat at Starbucks (I wrote this post after she had left to go back to the office). We had a great time catching up.

Laters: I can't wait to meet up with my former gym buddies too. We have a 'dinner date' this evening. Meanwhile, I am signing off now and will go find another corner to read... *Grin*