Saturday, February 23, 2008

Devil May Care

Sally Carpenter is a struggling actress in New York City. She hasn't had a real gig in two years, her agent has stopped returning her phone calls, and she hates her day job. She's just about ready to go home to Wisconsin and finish her psych degree. Then she meets Jack Weaver. Jack's rich, charismatic, gorgeous -- and the president of one of the biggest TV networks in the country. When he starts showing an interest in Sally's career, she's grateful but wary. She heard rumors about Jack -- he's a bit of a womanizer and ruthless in business. Even so, when he asks her out to dinner, she doesn't say no. Almost immediately, Sally's luck begins to change. Producers are scrambling to hire her, her biggest professional rival lands in the hospital with a mysterious illness, and, best of all, Sally's falling in love with the most wonderful man she's ever met. Yet she can't shake the feeling that things seem too good to be true. When a series of bizarre coincidences and grisly accidents start happening, Sally finds herself wondering: Has she really met Mr Right? Or has she fallen for the Devil himself? - Synopsis from book jacket

First sentence: "Name?"

Devil May Care by Sheri McInnis (376 pages) is one good read. The synopsis above tells a good summary of the book. There are quite a bit of self-debate between Sally Carpenter, the protagonist and the perceived Devil. It is funny and at the same time, dark. Only thing is that I wish for a better ending. I actually wanted a different ending for Sally and Jack. But don't let that deter you from reading the book because the story is actually pretty good. A good first novel by McInnis.