Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration @ My Company

It was a fun day at work today and it's great to be back right after the Chinese New Year holidays. My company organised a special event to bring festive cheers to all staff, and to mark the beginning of the new and prosperous 2008.

A special lion dance troupe was invited to perform outside of our office building and on several floors, including mine where the senior management are seated. At 2.00 PM, everybody gathered at the lobby to view this auspicious event. Before that, we were all treated to a yummy yee sang and lunch, AND an ang pow (red packet) each. (I also received one from my boss apart from what the company gave.) It was really, really great. Now back to the lion dance... *GRIN*

The troupe members preparing for the performanceI looked up and was distracted by these lovely red lanternsThe area getting packed with staff and visitorsThe troupe's ready to get into actionLots of staff got excited and ready with their cameras
And the action begins!
(View the
video on YouTube -- best viewed minimised)
The two lions jumped up with ease and all of us were awed. At one point, one of the poles were deliberately knocked down thus enlarging the gap and the red lion jumped across it with style. We were all holding our breath before the jump and cheering after that.

The acrobatic performance lasted for about 9 to 10 minutes. Another ground group consisting of four golden lions took over the show. I did not manage to get good photos of the golden ones (bummer...)

The Video
(For better resolution, do remember to click the little button marked by the
red indicator when viewing it.)

Note: All photos and video were taken using my cameraphone. Please pardon the photo quality.


In the same evening, we had a sumptuous seafood dinner with fellow colleagues and bosses. I'm still feeling so full and trying to persuade myself to go sleep. With this, I sign off and I hope you like the photos (despite the quality)!