Thursday, January 10, 2008

He Loves Lucy

Most women would KILL to have round the clock access to personal trainer/demi-god Theo Redmond. But Lucy Cunningham's starting to wish she'd never laid eyes on him!

When marketing exec Lucy pitched the idea of a reality TV show in which Theo took a 'fitness-challenged' woman, and turned her from flabby to fabulous, she wasn't planning on being a star. But then, she reasons, she could stand to lose a few pounds, only not with the whole Miami and gorgeous Theo watching. But then again for every pound she loses she gains big bucks...
- Synopsis from the back cover

First sentence: Lucy Cunningham's control tops were so tight that her inner thighs hissed like a swarm of cicadas with each step.

This is the first time I read Susan Donovan and I love what she did with He Loves Lucy (311 pages). My sister who is a big, big fan of the romance genre gave it to me (thank you, dear!) after she'd finished reading it.

Lucy is a lovable lady and Theo absolutely rocks. He is definitely the hunk with a heart AND brains. Lucy lands herself into the capable hands of Theo and with every pound that she loses she gets a thousand dollars. So does Theo. Lucy's mission is to lose over 100 pounds in a year. It's a win-win thing: Both 'stars' get monetary reward while the advertising firm and the already famous fitness centre get the publicity. With the money, Lucy plans to open her own ad agency and Theo back to medical school. Yes, Theo was on his way to becoming a doctor until his parents passed away in an accident leaving him to take care of his younger brother, Buddy who is afflicted with Down's Syndrome.

This is a heartwarming story about a woman struggling with self-esteem issues but at the same time who is true to herself not to mention, capable and smart. It also kills the stereotype that good looking guys are all looks, vainpots and heartless. It's a lovely story. Strong plot. Believable. See the romance bloom between Lucy and Theo.