Monday, January 28, 2008

Dare to Dream

During the convention held in Genting Highlands which my team mates and I were very busy preparing for, we had the privilege of listening to Khoo Swee Chiow, an adventurer, motivational speaker and author. Despite my photography duty on that day, I managed to catch a glimpse of the motivating and inspiring message by the Singaporean speaker. He talked about his adventures climbing the Mount Everest, braving the South and North Poles, and a host of other awesome adventures. He also related those adventures to the corporate world.

Mr Khoo in action

His books were sold at the Convention and he was there to autograph them. Both titles were sold out fast and advance orders were placed. Needless to say, Mr Khoo was a BIG hit with the participants.

Journey to the Ends of the Earth and Singapore to Beijing on a Bike

I was tired as a cactus from all the work but listening to the speaker perked me up. In a nutshell, I would like to quote from his official website: Every time I embark on an adventure, I have to learn some new skills in order to tackle the challenges ahead. But I am also re-learning and re-applying some principles again and again - faith, friendship, courage, determination, love and hope. It is heart-warming to know there are timeless and priceless values in this ever changing and chaotic world. How true.

I haven't done the crazy things he did, but I have done similar ones in a much smaller scale and most of it was in relation to my career. Learning new skills, testing and applying them, dare to make the change, etc. are some of the things I continuously do. Those are also the things that cause misunderstanding about my character and personality but I moved on.

About Khoo Swee Chiow:
Born in 1964 in Malaysia, Swee Chiow is a Singaporean married with two children. He conducts inspirational talks at corporations and schools regularly. He also takes students and adults to the mountains to help develop leadership skills, teamwork, courage, and determination. In 2006, he led a 51-year-old CEO to the summit of Mt Everest. His passion is to explore the power of mind, body and soul through extreme adventures.