Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beware of Doug

Beware of Doug (370 pages) by Elaine Fox is a funny read and totally enjoyable. The book is one of the many chick-flicks my sister brought back from Sydney and now mine.

Lily Tyler is the landlord and neighbour to the sexy private jet pilot Brady Cole. On Brady's first day in the neighbourhood, a crazy but beautiful woman named Tricia whom Brady knows shows up in her BMW and gives him hell. So you see, Lily and Brady's first meeting was quite dramatic. To clear the misunderstanding that he is a loose guy, Brady comes up with this date diet excuse that he is not looking into dating and will not jump into a woman's bed without first being a friend, bla bla bla.

Then there is Lily's devil dog Doug. The ugly mutt doesn't like men and will do anything to keep them away from Lily. It goes without saying he hates Brady too. He called him the New Guy. That dog seems to have a mind of his own -- plotting and scheming at how to get to Brady. He steals only one side of his shoes and hide them away. He eats up his Harley cowhide seat. There's no stopping Doug. Elaine Fox did a great job getting behind Doug's mind.

Lily's best friends are Megan, Georgia and Penelope. If you have read Elaine Fox's earlier book Guys & Dogs, you would recognise them and the multimillionaire hunk Sutter Foley (Megan's lover). Brady is here to work as his private pilot. Since Lily is already dating Gerald--a highly successful GQ-looking lawyer working at her father's firm and waiting to be made partner--the ladies plot to hook Brady and Penelope together. The only thing is that Lily feels not at peace. Sad, in fact. Brady it seems, has feelings for Lily too. But there are too many misunderstandings in between.

This is a cute, romantic story of Brady (the man) vs. Doug (the dog) and his mistress Lily. If dogs can talk, it'd be Doug. Will Brady ever become the Good Guy in Doug's eyes, you'll have to read the book. I love this story and having read Guys & Dogs first, it helps to connect with the characters better, but you don't have to read it first. I gulped down the story in no time and it makes a relaxing read in-between my assignments and time-out.