Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Away from January 24 to 27

Even though today (Jan 23) is a public holiday in celebration of Thaipusam, I will be working to finish up some preparation for the upcoming company event. I need to go collect some of the lucky draw gifts from a shop and go on to buy some others. Am prepared to swipe between MYR9,000 and MYR10,000 (USD2,700 to USD3,000) for today's purchase. (Who says a PA need not be 'rich'? Haha!) It's reimbursable so am not worried.

Updated @ Jan 27: The stuff I bought for the lucky draw (lots of cool gadgets like iPods, cameras, mobile phone, portable LCD DVD players, etc. including a teddy bear as 'cheeky' prize). They're all wrapped up nicely and labelled at home.

I will not be able to visit all my blog friends starting today until the end of the week, but as soon as I'm back I'll catch up with everybody. I promise. Miss me while I'm gone... Meanwhile, be good all you lovely people.