Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ladies' Man

First sentence: Ellen Layne knew it was a mistake to leave the house without a book.

Ladies’ Man, a romance novel with a touch of thriller, is the first novel I read by Suzanne Brockmann and finished in two sittings. It can be easily finished in one but I only started late last night. Though it read like most romance novels, it was still a treat.

The story unfolds at the airport where Ellen Layne meets with a handsome stranger named Sam Schaefer. Ellen, a divorced single mother of two is from Connecticut and she comes to New York with her children to spend the summer at her uncle’s residence. Sam, an NYPD detective and best friend of T.S. Harrison, a low-profile but hugely successful author, is doing his friend a favor and that’s how he meets with Ellen. This chance meeting leads to an unexpected fling and a possible long-term romance.

The novel is interesting in that Ellen is almost 10 years older than Sam. She does not think that a long-term romance would work in their case. But Sam is relentless and he is not a quitter. When a deranged stalker starts going after her, a series of events ensued. But is the crazy fellow really after Ellen? All things happen for a reason, and in this case, Sam suffers and gains much too.

Once again, I am glad Julia recommended Suzanne’s books to me. I still have one more book, Gone Too Far in my to-be-read pile, and hope to start reading soon. Now that Kinokuniya has stocked up on Suzanne’s titles, I don’t need to buy them online anymore!