Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ice Station

First sentence: It had been three hours now since they'd lost radio contact with the two divers.

Ice Station by Matthew Reilly is action-packed from the very beginning. This is one book where action never stops and goes on forever, yes, even to the end. One (unexpected) thing always leads to another before you can even blink (or breathe). I walloped 689 pages in three sittings. At first, the sheer thickness of it made me think twice about starting, but once I did, there's no stopping.

At a remote US ice station in Antartica, a team of scientists has made an amazing discovery. They have found something unbelievable buried deep below the surface -- trapped under a layer of ice 400 million years old.

Something made of metal... something which shouldn't be there... it's the discovery of a lifetime, a discovery of immeasurable value. And a discovery men will kill for.

Led by the enigmatic Lieutenant Shane Schofield, a crack team of US Marines is rushed to the ice station to secure this bizarre discovery for their own nation. Meanwhile other countries have developed the same idea and are ready to pursue it swiftly and ruthlessly. Fortunately, Schofield's men are a tough unit, all set to follow their leader into hell.

They soon discover they just did... - Synopsis from the back cover

There were over-the-top (OTT) and impossible-to-believe scenes but then, I don't really care about reality issues. I'm reading fiction and I feel Reilly succeed in making my heart race and pump extra hard. I have Temple in my to-be-read pile and I will not hesitate to start soon...