Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chick-lit Galore

A few days ago, my sister Vivian passed on her paperbacks, mainly chick-lits to me. The best part is, I get to KEEP all of them. I counted, my library is suddenly added with 32 titles by Elaine Fox, Susan Andersen, Susan Donovan, Rachel Gibson and Patti Berg. Imagine her lugging all these books back from Sydney and gave them to me. I want to give her a BIG BIG HUG. She is home for the holidays and then back to Sydney mid-Jan 2008.

A snapshot of the books now resting on my mini DIY shelf.

I also did a year-end 'accounting' of all the books I bought for year 2007 and the total amount is so obscene, I can't mention it here. It broke all the record I've ever held. EVER. After this confession, I must go repent...