Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tears of the Moon (Book 2)

A talented songwriter, Shawn Gallagher works as the cook the family pub, and is seemingly content with his life the way it is. With no responsibilities and no ties, Shawn just ambles through his life, dreaming away the days.

No one understands why Shawn doesn't put his musical gift to profitable use - least of all Brenna O'Toole, a fiercely independent tomboy who has been secretly in love with Shawn for years. When Brenna finds the courage to tell Shawn her true feelings, he rejects her advances, as he is more than happy with his single life. But Brenna knows that Shawn is the one for her, and doesn't give up easily. Unfortunately, he is equally as stubborn, and feels compelled to resist his growing attraction to the feisty red-head. However, there are other forces at work in the enchanting village of Ardmore, and fate may be about to step in with a helping hand... - Synopsis from the back cover of the novel.

I have enjoyed the first book Jewels of the Sun very much and guess what, I like Tears of the Moon even more. I'm falling in love with the dialogues Nora Roberts had so wonderfully created. The clever and funny tongue bashing between Brenna and Shawn made me laugh out loud, and possibly useful for my daily conversation too. We'll see how.

The first book has its focus on Jude Frances Murray from America and Aidan Gallagher, the eldest brother of Shawn and Darcy. In her cottage in Ardmore, Jude encounters the ghost of Lady Gwen and at Old Maude's grave meets with Carrick, the prince of faeries. Gwen and Carrick were two lovers in an unhappy ending for Carrick, in his anger and pain, rashly casted a spell on his Gwen: three times love will find love, heart accept heart with all the failings and foibles, and then they will be free to be together. As a result of this, Carrick has waited for 300 years. Jude and Aidan met the first. Next, Brenna and Shawn.

Brenna has had a yen or an itch, for Shawn for a long time. Finally, being a straightforward and direct person, she decides to tell Shawn straight to his face. Contrary to the synopsis, Brenna isn't in love with Shawn right in the beginning, at least not 'aware' that she is in love. She just wants to get into his pants and be done with it. Shawn of course, is shocked senseless and refuses profusely. They're childhood friends and he never think of her in that light. Brenna is persistent and things develop from that initial first step.

The story is full of twist and turns involving not just Shawn and Brenna, but also Brenna's younger sister, Mary Kate. Mary Kate likes Shawn too, and has a few times try getting close to him resulting in tension between the sisters, and Shawn caught in between.

Tears of the Moon is rich in its plot and is an unusual love story. The different personalities of the characters, how the Gallaghers and O'Tooles go about their lives, friendship and love -- all gel nicely and form a great story. There's also an element of great business sense too. Read the possible business venture between the Gallaghers and the Magees.

With this, watch out for the last book Heart of the Sea for a possible romance between Darcy Gallagher (Aidan and Shawn's sister) and Trevor Magee, a wealthy businessman with Irish blood. Happy reading!