Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pearson-Penguin Warehouse Sale

Sale is from 16 to 21 November, from 9 AM to 7 PM

One week ago, I marked the event in my Outlook calendar and waited eagerly for it to come to pass. Today I made it to the Pearson-Penguin Warehouse Sale. So many books, so many people! So little time... I had wanted to go in the morning the moment the place opens BUT alas, I overslept and woke up only at 11.15 AM. Hubby rushed me to McDonald's (a full stomach prevents insane shopping tendencies) and then off we go.

I selected a few paperbacks and non-fiction titles. I was hunting for classics but books were all over the place and hubby gave me only 1 hour to 'hunt' while he waited in the car. I hopped off the car and hopped into the building. I heard some chap said, "Whoa, look at the books they bought! Are they opening a library?"

The queue at the payment counters were so long, I almost gave up. I saw parents buying loads of children's books for their kiddos. I see some buying boxes of books (are they trying to buy cheap, re-sell expensive?).

I am proud to announce that I was very sensible and did not burn a big hole in my purse. I spent only RM71 for six books. Yay me!