Thursday, November 29, 2007

NaNo, books and all

NaNo oh NaNo

First, the NaNo update. I've been burning the midnight oil and words to-date is 7,359. Let's see what happens by tomorrow. I might start writing garbage just to make up the word count. Haha. Oh dear...

Book shopping @ Kinokuniya

I couldn't resist the temptation to go book-shopping and so... I did. Bought a total of four books at Kinokuniya KLCC (I used up a lot energy trying to be sensible and in fact, put back a few titles onto their shelves). Everything I bought below were 30% off except for The Lovely Bones (20% using The Star's cut-out discount coupon). Total damage: ~RM122 (approximately USD36)

Here are the titles I bought:

Haircut, once again

I also went and got my haircut @ Fusion KLCC, just next to Kino. Aishah shampooed and massage my head (nice!) and Tommy styled my hair. He is absolutely great with the scissors. This is how I look like now:

Fierce looking Alice. LOL.