Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Book Light

Updates @ Dec 2007:
I received the book light last Friday but haven't got the chance to blog about it until now. I tested it and it worked beautifully. It's sturdy and the light is bright enough to read in total darkness. It uses three AAA batteries. You can also use it as a clip-on light on the computer/laptop monitor.

It clips on thick books; in this case, my Eragon. They are padded so they won't 'hurt' the paper. For hassle-free reading, I clip the light on the left side of the book and continued turning the pages.

Lights off (left) and then I switched on the book light (right)

@ November 21, 2007
I have just bought the
XtraFlex Super LED book light (RM68/USD20) at MPHonline.com. I am hoping with this portable book light I can read especially at night when I'm in the car while hubby is driving.

Has anyone use this type of gadget before?