Sunday, October 14, 2007

Obsession: A Novel

"Obsession is power-packed, fast-paced sequel to Abduction and Wanda Dyson fans won't want to miss it! The story had me hooked from the beginning as Zoe and JJ are once again hard on the trail of a killer. I highly recommend you run, not walk, through this book." -TRACIE PETERSON, best-selling author of Castles and Land of My Heart

And that was exactly what I did -- ran (or race) all the way to the last page.

Obsession (346 pages) is a Christian thriller and a good one too. Zoe Shefford is a former psychic and since becoming a Christian, she has renounced that part of her. Previously, she had used her ability to solve cases, but now as she finds herself tangled in a crime involving serial killing, she is not so sure anymore. She no longer gets involve in crime-busting scenes, but the grisly discovery of the body of a young woman by the lake while she and her friend were jogging changes everything.

Josiah Johnson (JJ) is the police officer hot on pursuit of the case. Once again, he crosses path with Zoe. Zoe is not exactly working for the police now and JJ wants her out of his way. Zoe is not one to give up easily too. While JJ relies on facts and figures, Zoe leans on her gift of discernment. She does not fall back to her psychic ability, but instead trusts God to provide direction and lead her to the next course of action.

Right in the middle of the killings, another college girl, Lanae Oakley seeks to find out what happened to her missing mother many years ago. She found two diaries -- one belonging to her mother and another from her father's side of the family. The diaries prompted the beginning of a search for an answer. She feels God prompting her to look to Zoe for help. These documents become vital information to the investigation and link to the case at hand though Zoe could not see it at the moment.

Just when you thought "Aha, I think I know who killed so-and-so", something new crops up. And you would not have guess whodunit. When you think about it, it's really sick to do what the killer did in order to achieve a goal, as if the lives of others are worthless.

I'm looking forward to reading Wanda Dyson's other books. Since I begin with Book 2 of the Shefford-Johnson series, I will now get busy with Book 1 (Abduction) and Book 3 (Intimidation). But first, let me go shopping at