Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heaven and Earth (Book 2)

Ripley Todd is perfectly content, except for one thing: she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her -- and though she tries hard to hide them, she can't get them under control...

Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister Booke -- a researcher who's come to investigate the rumours of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island. Right from the start he knows there's something extraordinary about Ripley Todd. Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities, he becomes determined to help her accept who she is -- and find the courage to open her heart.

But before Ripley and Mac can dream of what lies in the future they must confront the pain of the past. For the island shelters centuries of secrets -- and a legacy that plagues them still... - Synopsis from the back cover of the novel.

Briefly, in the first book
Dancing Upon the Air, the story centres around Nell Channing or Helen Remington who had plotted escape and successfully ran away from her psychopath husband, Evan Remington. She ends up in the Three Sisters Island and there crosses path with Mia Devlin (an outrageously beautiful witch), Ripley Todd and her brother, Zack (both police officers). Nell lands a job in Mia's Cafe Book and literally cooks up a storm. She's a fabulous cook! Romance is in the air for Zack and Nell, though it is not easy for her to trust another man after Evan's abuse. The story slowly reveals that Nell, Ripley and Mia are descendants of the legendary Three Sisters (in the same order: Air, Earth and Fire) who formed the island with their magic way back in 1692 and together, must form the circle to break the curse. Nell who is Air, is the first to face her demon.

Moving on to Heaven and Earth, it now tells the story of Ripley Todd who is also Earth. She is a reluctant witch with an attitude. She refuses to have anything to do with her given power and this apparently, only happens when she became a teenager; same time as her friendship with Mia turned sour. And that was the time Mia's lover, Sam Logan heartlessly left Mia saying that he will never come back and will never want her again.

There is a reason for Ripley's refusal to use her power and it is attributed to her lack of control, or emotional turmoil. She did use it though, when Nell was fighting evil (in the first book) and the three women joined hands and hearts to defeat it. She promised that's the first time and the last. However, evil does not rest until it accomplishes what it is supposed to do. This time it comes back to claim Earth (or Ripley). The three centuries curse repeats itself and each of them has to face their demons to break the curse or be doomed by it, finally the island will go down into the seas. I must say that each time the situation becomes deadlier.

Ripley is tough, sharp-tongued and dare I say, straight-forward to the point of being rude. She meets Dr MacAllister Booke (Mac), an expert in paranormal science and this guy happens to be on the famous island to do further research on the Three Sisters legend. His prime target is Mia Devlin BUT for some reason, as fate determines, he had an interesting encounter with Ripley. They do not exactly start on the right footing, and Ripley isn't exactly polite, especially after finding out about his intention on the island. You should see (or read about) the equipment he brings along -- he means business. No prize for guessing, 'enemy' turns into lovers. Yes, Mac and Rip make sparks fly. I've always love the way Nora Roberts does her magic in creating romantic moments.

Conviction, compassion and strength. Is Ripley strong enough to control her emotions, or will she yield like her ancestor did and thus broke the second link? I say, read it to find out! *GRIN*

Book Three, here I come! Time to Face the Fire...