Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Blessings

I'm so happy, I can do some serious (Snoopy) dancing. LOL. Here, let me share my joy and happiness with all...

Blessing No. 1

Jen of My 3 Boys and I gave me this award! Thank you sooooo much, Jen! HUGS and God bless you and your boys! I am feeling totally fabulous right now.

Blessing No. 2

Guess what? I WON ANOTHER BOOK! Seriously, how cool is that?

Thank you so much Julia! She ran a contest on her birthday which falls on Oct 4 EVERY year, so people, please put that down in your calendar and celebrate with her, OK?

That's not all -- to top it off, Julia gave a book by my favourite author, Nora Roberts! Thank goodness I have a strong heart and it can take all this excitement. Here's the book (not sure if it's the same cover though...) *HUGS*